Our Approach

At PHINE, we see quality and longevity at the heart of the jewellery we design. We want our pieces to be preserved and reimagined, not discarded.


Through a strict customer-led approach that listens to demand and avoids overproduction or excess stock, we take every step possible to ensure our process is both conscious and transparent.

Sustainability is increasingly at the core of our operations and brand decisions. We want our customers to be able to treat themselves with true peace of mind.

We’re by no means perfect but here’s how we are trying….

Direct To Consumer

We’re into the idea of a new form of luxury. One for the everyday that is honest, accessible and oriented around you! By focussing on our direct to consumer business, we can listen to what you want, creating desirable designs that are relevant and priced fairly.


Mother earth is a little happier about you shopping from your sofa too, because on average, e-commerce uses about 30% less energy than traditional bricks and mortar retail. Cheers to that!

Quality Over Quantity

We create season-less jewellery that is tied to your life, rather than trends. Our jewellery is crafted by hand, in our East London Studio as well as partner Studios in Hatton Gardens, using only 100% recycled sterling silver / 18ct gold vermeil. We want our jewellery to be preserved and reimagined, not discarded.

Say No To Surplus

We’re against overproduction and the huge amount of waste it can produce. Instead, we keep our stock levels small and responsive to your wants in needs, testing new designs with small releases.


Our dynamic inventory allows us to keep our prices fair.
Which is why you’ll often see a preorder on our site, and rarely a sale.
Because jewellery should be with you for years, not just a fleeting trend.


We take social and environmental standards seriously, and make sure our suppliers do too.


That is why all our gemstones are ethically sourced and lab-grown. 

Our Gold / Silver

We’re very conscious of the impact our raw materials have upon the environment, which is why 100% of our gold & silver is recycled.


Packaging. No Plastic. No Foam.

Producing beautiful packaging shouldn’t mean harming the environment. That’s why our boxes are made without any oil-based plastic materials and recycled materials


Each box and slip is crafted from 70% FSC paper. And don’t worry, the other 30% is recycled paper!

 they’re 100% recyclable too. So it’s win, win!

Our care booklets sent with every order are printed on paper from sustainable sources with inks that are vegetable based.

Shipping Our Jewels

Our shipping bags that keep your parcel safe are 100% degradable and recyclable. Whilst our chosen domestic freight partners use responsible, CO2 neutral delivery.


We’re always trying to improve, so if you have any more environmentally friendly shipping solutions, do let us know at info@phine.london


We don’t just talk about sustainability, it’s a crucial part of our company culture.
We have strict recycling methods that help reduce our waste and monitor our consumption.


We operate a strict single-use plastic ban in our international workshops and use a sustainably sourced and approved cellulose film to receive and send our pieces.