Roar Lejoninna Necklace


From ancient times the lion has been the embodiment of strength and raw power.
In Shamanism, the lion symbolises a guardian and protector.
By nature, this spirit guide teaches us about determination, focus, control, pride and leadership.The lion resides in masculine energy and draws from the left side of the brain which governs the right side of the body. The lion embodies logic and the analytical mind. His mane depicts the sun. The sun, solar is masculine energy.
Lions are generally social, they form a pride with several lionesses’, cubs and sometimes other lions. There are also times when lions can be nomadic and spend a great deal of time in solitude.
The roar of a lion is to find your voice, speak your truth.
Our ancestors coveted the spirit power of lion.
In Shamanism, it is believed that once a Shaman joined with the spirit of this animal, they would be imbued with the raw physical power, strength, courage, fearlessness of the lion. Connecting one with the lifeblood of this spirit guide. Lions rest and are inactive for about 20 hours a day. They become active in the evening and night.

This Necklace goes straight over your Head without a clasp and is inspired by the 80´s Fashion Style.

Our Roar Lejoninna Necklace is the perfect Statement Necklace.

Wear it with our Roar Lioness Ear Clips, completely on it´s own or layered up with our Feminist Necklace.

The Lioness sticks out from a round high polished Coin, Phine is engraved on the back.

Handmade upon your Order, from recycled 925 sterling silver / 18ct 3 microns gold plating, please allow 8-10 working days for shipment.

Roar Lejoninna Necklace

SKU: 0002
  • Length: 30 inch