Be the Unicorn you want to be 💕

January 26, 2018

We encourage everyone to be and dress however you want to - that’s why we have designed “our of the norm” Solen Disc Ear Cuffs - we want to push boundries .... and help to break the glass ceiling!! 


It’s time for us Females to encourage each other, to support each other and fight together against the inequality against Females!


With the whole #metoo debate and not knowing a single Female who hasnt had her fair share of shaming and putting down, being discouraged by men or society, sexual abuse, in one way or the other - the time is really up! 


That’s why we are also happy to team up with a Girls Charity Organisation soon and support young upcoming girls in their carreers, lifes and choices (more on this soon).


We are happy our Feminist & Fierce collection encourages exactly that in us females - to be strong and fierce - and speak our minds! 





Picture by IdHairDK. 

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